Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Sleep easy with Dreamworks beds and mattresses

Dreamworks beds and mattresses are best known for their quality and service provided to its customers. It is one of the fastest growing and leading manufacturers of top quality and advanced beds and mattresses. One of the unique features and signature styles of Dreamworks mattresses and beds is that they hand stitch all their products to give it a personal touch.

Dreamworks beds and mattresses also has its own range of headboards and bedsteads, which are designed and built with the best raw materials and highly trained team of craftsmen. Their techniques also include using their own recycled materials to provide the best and affordable products to their consumers.

A good and healthy lifestyle largely revolves around proper sleep and rest. Hence, the required amount of sleep needed for a person is a minimum of six to eight hours daily. Sleep deprivation can cause many health issues like weakening the immune system, impairing your memory, slowing down performance in any physical or mental work, mood disorders etc. One of the main causes that effect a good and restful night is the beds and mattresses we choose and use. A mattress that is either lumpy or does not adjust well to your body shape can cause improper sleep. That is why it is vital to sleep on a proper bed that supports our body frame and shape correctly.

The upholstery layers of mattresses also contribute to comfort and have its own advantages. Some examples are the Horse Hair which is meant for giving comfort and longevity, Visco Memory Foam which relieves pressure points, Super Soft Fiber which gives extra comfort, Soft Wool made with natural wood is to add resilience etc.

Everyone is different in shape or size and to cater to that need beds and mattresses come in a wide range of sizes and designs. It is very important that the customers choose the bed which is most suited for the body shape. Some of the best types of quality mattresses are listed below:-


This type of mattress contains pockets, which have springs that are individually wrapped, allowing them to work individually providing maximum comfort to the body. The open coil spring has been in the industry for 70 years and is available in choices such as firm or standard spring grips.


The double sided mattresses have many layers of fabric surrounding the springs for the most possible comfort. The no turn beds are great for customers who want to invest in low maintenance and cheap but high quality mattresses.


It is made up of high quality natural materials and provides full comfort and peaceful sleep surface. This technology is one of the most natural, healthy and great in relieving pressure for body. It has a ventilated system which allows fresh air to go in and out making it ultimately hygienic.


This type of technology has been introduced to give softer effect to the body. The pillow top mattresses got its name simply because a thin pillow type is stitched along the top of the mattress. This is best for those who prefer a slight softer touch to the mattress.

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for you to get a decent nights sleep, ensure that they come to the standards of mattresses and beds by Dreamworks. There really is no better feeling than waking up from a good nights sleep feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

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