Thursday, 20 December 2012


It's the simple things in life like a comfortable bed that make it worth living today especially in the united kingdom where luxury and comfort is the main theme of home products firms the most popular being the Hypnos mattress. Hypnos mattresses are the most comfortable in the world with a rich history of elegance and reputation. They are a good value for money and their durability exceeds expectation.

Hypnos has a rich history of making luxury mattresses with their continued perfection and innovating new designs that are pocket spring and measure. They have over 100 years of experience in the art of making comfortable sleep with their overall goals and philosophies focusing on perfections as well as offering a good sleeping experience. A hypnoses mattress is of bespoke perfection and they are handcrafted to precise perfection, they entail all elements of comfort and quality with the guarantee of endurance to give good sleeping experiences for years to come.

Hypnos mattress are made by order and are hand crafted by craftsman who have in depth skill and knowledge from the rich source of experience passed down from generation to generations .They are designed to recognize your body shape and posture creating an imprint that provides pressure relief. The mattresses adjust to every move you make .Materials are from the highest quality of natural fillings like silk ,wool or cotton that offer feather light comfort and also regulate the body temperature. Quality is their main objective with the passion to give your scrumptious sleep experience to a next day of enthusiasm to start a good productive day.

Types of hypnos mattresses.

The Hypnos Royal Comfort Collection is designed to give the most comfortable sleeping experience and is made of the most modern pocket spring inventions that support the body weight and give relieving pressure for that goodnight sleep.

The Hypnos Regency Collection Custom made designed to fit into an individual space and room temperature. They have multilateral pocket springs and layers of natural fillings from silk and wool, they have guarantee for over ten years. Their fine finishing and different modern colors can go with your decor making them a beatification element for the home.

The Hypnos Heritage Collection have deep pocket springs that provide the ultimate support and with thick layers of natural filling provides the best sleeping experience money can buy.

The Hypnos Orthos Support Collection includes handcrafted beds that offer support as well as comfort.

The Hypnos Bedstead Mattress Collection .A collection of two mattresses that go with most styles of bedsteads today, they offer comfort and made from the best modern pocket springs support that ensure mattress will be in the correct shape to match your bedstead.

We spend over a third of our lives sleeping, there is no other greater investment to the comfort of it than the best mattresses in the world, the hypnos mattress, and besides hypnos mattresses are the only supplies of the royal family and royal household where the epitome of luxury and reputation is highest.

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