Thursday, 20 December 2012


It's the simple things in life like a comfortable bed that make it worth living today especially in the united kingdom where luxury and comfort is the main theme of home products firms the most popular being the Hypnos mattress. Hypnos mattresses are the most comfortable in the world with a rich history of elegance and reputation. They are a good value for money and their durability exceeds expectation.

Healthbeds Mattresses - Quality Sleep at an Affordabile Price

Quality and affordability often times seem to be contradictory terms. This is especially true in the world of mattresses. There, however, is no reason for this sort of conundrum if one is familiar with Healthbeds mattresses. Since 1893 this company has been producing quality beds offering their customers a healthy night's sleep at a reasonable and affordable price. Each Healthbeds mattress is the product of a family owned business that has been dedicated to quality for four generations. This is perhaps why, unlike larger and less personal manufacturers, Healthbeds mattresses do not lose sight of the true essence of value. After all, true value is the successful combination of quality and affordability.

Dunlopillo Super Comfort Pillows and Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe offer luxury beyond comparison

After a hard days work the bed becomes the best friend. To make it more relaxing the Dunlopillo Serenity Deluxe is exactly what you need. This is a luxury latex pillow which offers cursory and soft support to your head and neck. The quite unique pincore construction and a host of tiny air cells which are interconnected provide the pillows with ventilation systems. These keep the pillows very fresh and cool all night long.

Top features that make Dunlopillo Mattresses the best in UK market

When going shopping for a mattress, one must be very careful on the quality to buy. The Dunlopillo Mattresses are among the best sleeping products as they are made of high quality materials which are beautifully crafted and long lasting.

Top features that make Dunlopillo Mattress the best

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Welcome to my blog about beds, mattresses and sleep

Beds, Mattresses and Sleep Help

Hi, My Name is Louise and I am a sleep consultant who helps people to get the best nights sleep possible. I do this by consulting 1 on 1 with my clients either by directly meeting them or over the internet or phone. There are many miss conceptions when it comes to sleep and many people blame everything from stress to work and relationships for their lack of sleep.

The truth is that to have a good nights sleep first you must take into consideration a few key points:

  1. You can only have a good nights sleep if you want to... ( I will explain )
  2. Any sleeper is only as good as his/her tools will let them be!
  3. Ask yourself the root of your sleep problem.
OK so now that you know the basics its time for me to explain.

When I stated that you could only have a good nights sleep if you wanted to what I meant by this is you first need to let go of telling yourself all the time that you cant sleep! The subconscious mind takes it in every time you tell yourself you cant sleep and processes that information back to your concious mind. Basically you are giving yourself no chance of getting good sleep if you keep convincing yourself that it cant happen.

The second point to look at is your tools, now what I mean by tools is:
  • Bed
  • Mattress
  • Bed Frame
  • Pillows
  • Bedding
  • Sleep Helpers (iphone apps / recordings / visuals etc)
It is essential that you use the right tools to get a good nights sleep. I will talk in more details about all the above over the following weeks in more details as they deserve their own post for each as all are essential for your comfort and well being.

To finalise lets look at the last pointer, the root of your sleep problem. I may have already answered this one for you with the previous pointers but in some cases this point is more physiological than material. Again I will discuss this in more detail in its own dedicated post.

Please feel free to ask me any questions in the comment box if you are having any problems sleeping and I will be happy to help out.. Thanks for reading